Self Care: count your steps!

I’ve always been pretty big on self care, but after having so much trouble getting pregnant with Capri, I really stepped up my game. I started researching WAY more about cleaner products, and ways to keep toxins out of our home as much as possible. Exposure to toxins can really mess with your hormones, and we really had no answers as to why I couldn’t hold onto a pregnancy, so I figured that was a great place to start. I always have lots of people interested in what I do and products I’ve turned to, so I wanted to start talking more about self care. 

First up, and one of the first things I really started doing for self care after Capri was born is count your steps! When she was about 4 weeks old, I started doing this again (I’ve don’t this for years and through my pregnancy as well). There are SO many types of pedometers out there now, so grab one and start counting! I use an Apple Watch, but have previously used a Fitbit. My mom has the Garmin and loves that because it doesn’t have to be charged!

I set a goal of 10,000 steps a day for myself, and also try to have 2-3 days a week where my goal is 15,000. I know every mom probably thinks between chasing kids around and doing daily chores, that you’re getting enough steps in, but I’m telling you, you’re probably not! I HAVE to be proactive and moving a LOT during the day to get those 10,000 in. This helps me SO much with staying motivated and moving all day. I have some days where it’s shitty weather and I’m just not running around between inside, outside, playgrounds, beach, etc., and I take a look at my steps and I’m at 1,200 at 2pm. Uhhh what!  Especially on those days I MAKE sure to take 30-40 minutes and hit the treadmill. Another rule I use is that I have to hit my steps before dinner time. I’ve had a few times I was so motivated to hit my goal that I’d be walking circles around my kitchen island at 10 pm. How dumb is that? Walking around your kitchen island isn’t BEING ACTIVE. So, I try to keep my steps more as something to keep me motivated and moving throughout the day. Not just a goal I want to attain by walking through my house at the end of the night.  But, if you like to get a workout in at night, that works too! I just rarely work out after I’ve eaten dinner.

Just a great way to stay motivated and take care of yourself, especially after having a babe! Don’t over think it or stress if you don’t hit a number! So easy!

+some fav oils I like to incorporate into my workouts....Lemon oil in my water, and peppermint oil on the back of my neck!